Wintoniak & Motard Assurances


WM Insurance is a Firm in Damage Insurance.
We are prepared to help you identify your insurance needs which in turn will allow you to obtain the optimal coverage available at the most competitive pricing – this is our personalized service.

Efficient and rapid solutions for your insurance needs.
We represent numerous insurance companies which were selected based on their Financial strength which in turn assures financial security to our Insureds – all of our Insurers are rated A+ or better.
By transacting with the best rated Insurers we are able to deliver stable markets to our Insureds and coupled with our expertise we are able to deliver value added solutions which are as important as the monetary aspect of any insurance programme.

In case of disagreement with your Insurer on any aspect of your coverage or claim, WE will undertake to represent YOU; we will represent your interests and not those of the Insurer and this at all times.

Competency is a quality that cannot be measured. WM Insurance will undertake to deliver a courteous, quick and efficient service both prior and post the effective date of your programme.

WM Insurance also acts as a consultant and placement service to numerous Insurance Brokerages that recognize our unique marketing expertise and who also have a need for our unique market contacts.