Wintoniak & Motard Assurances

Profile of the Firm


Wintoniak & Motard Assurances was founded in 2005 by the two controlling partners, John Wintoniak & Martine Motard. The two Insurance Brokers had a common desire to open a brokerage where the Insured was the central concern and driving force.

John Wintoniak has worked in the Insurance Industry for over 30 years in various leadership roles with international Brokerage houses. It has always been “my belief that large Broker expertise should be provided to smaller and medium size clients and I quickly realized that the only way to accomplish this was to set up my own Brokerage where we could provide these services to all sizes of clientele and not just large premium Insureds.” In 2005 John saw the opportunity to do so by associating himself with Martine Motard which would allow the office to leverage the experience of John and the energy of Martine and deliver high quality service to their clientele. John Wintoniak possesses a Risk Management Certificate and is also well versed in Captives, self funding schemes, etc...

Martine Motard always saw a future in the Insurance industry and she always knew that one day she would open her own insurance office.  She completed her studies in insurance at both the CEGEP and University levels. In 1995 she joined a brokerage situated on the South Shore of Montreal and having succeeded through the various levels, in 1999 she joined John at a Global Brokerage house where she was involved in the placement of large insurance portfolios. Martine completed her Risk Management studies in 2007.

Their goal however remained constant: start up their own brokerage to deliver high quality, large broker expertise and contacts to Insureds at competitive pricing BUT coupled with a personal touch and client specific service.
In 2005 the two work friends decide to found an actual Insurance Brokerage thereby becoming Brokers/Owners of their own Office, realizing a dream that both of them had cherished over numerous years.

Wintoniak & Motard from their inception were able to carve out a remarkable position in the marketplace and today represent first class Insurers. Always on the lookout for progress and novelty, the firm utilizes computer technology to its utmost potential in an attempt to deliver the top quality service that our Insureds deserve.

Community Involvement

Wintoniak & Motard are well known and heavily involved in the community. Our support can be traced to local organizations such as sporting  associations and various charitable organizations.